Five eco-conscious friends set out on a cycle across the picturesque UK’s National Parks to answer the question

How do we regenerate the UK's National Parks at scale?

The team will find out how human interference is damaging green spaces and marine environments, what is currently being done in regenerating these spaces and what more needs to be done to do this at scale. They will also be exploring what regenerating at scale means for our physical and mental health.

City living is compact, stressful and at times just bearable — the biggest mental and physical release for these four friends is cycling in the last few areas of the UK, the National Parks, where people and nature are in balance and harmony. However, urbanization is closer to our national parks than we think. Taking on the challenge to ride from Birsay the most north-westerly point of mainland UK in the Scottish Orkney Islands across land and sea on water bikes to the Isles of Scilly in the most SW point of England over 14 days. The friends take in the beautiful landscape and amazingly varied ecosystems of eight of these parks. During their route and training, they learn through interviews with organizations that environmental and man-made factors such as population expansion is choking the parks’ naturally balanced ecosystem and pushing some animals and plant life to the point of irreversible damage. Can the UK’s National Parks recover in time within the 21st century?

“The more we exploit nature, the more our options are reduced until we have only one: To fight for survival.”Morris K. Udall

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SkyRise Productions specialises in filming outdoor pursuits, endurance & adventure sports and expeditions and has a history of film making with many world-class adventurers (including some well-known cyclists) in a wide range of wild environments globally making them the perfect fit for our story. To find out more visit their website (be warned – video clips are addictive).

Kevin Merrey

Owner of SkyRise Productions and Director of our film “14 Days South : Over Sea and Land”

Isaac Kenyon

Founder, Endurance Athlete and Expedition Leader of Pedal 4 Parks and Producer of our film “National Treasure”

Alex Pierrot

Pedal 4 Parks Endurance Athlete and Producer of our film “National Treasure”t