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Purposefully crafted with great-tasting, wholesome ingredients, CLIF BAR® energy* bars have been fueling world-class competitors and everyday athletes for more than 25 years.

CLIF BAR® energy bar is a delicious, plant-based bar made with ingredients, like organic rolled oats, that challenged all the expectations of energy food. Today, it remains the ultimate reflection of our ongoing commitment to crafting foods with purpose, for people, and the planet.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Columbia Sportswear is a global outdoor brand that crafts active lifestyle gear fortified with industry-leading technologies and tested in our own backyard. Our apparel, footwear, and accessories reflect our Pacific Northwest heritage and indomitable spirit.

Level Design Studio exists to LEVEL the playing field. Making BIG agency talent accessible to evolve brands with integrity

Established in 1952, Vittoria is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bicycle tyres, with an annual production of more than 7 million tyres.

Vittoria develops the best racing tyres at all levels and is the only bicycle tyre manufacturer capable of producing four different rubber compounds in a single tyre.

Vittoria is also the first company in the world to use the wonder material, Graphene, in its bicycle tyres, providing unrivalled speed, grip and durability – ever since 2015, Vittoria has been #PoweredByGraphene!

More than 30 professional cycling teams across road, cyclocross and mountain bike disciplines rely on Vittoria for their success every year, with recent victories including the Tour de France 2020 overall win and 10 stage wins, La Vuelta 2020 overall win and UCI MTB World Championships XCO win, Pro Elite Men.

“We are with you on every ride.”

Velo Atelier is the creator of the world-leading Clinical Bike Fit™. Their fitting expertise is backed up by over 30 years of experience designing and building bikes at the highest level.

Torquay Watersports is owned by RibQuest renowned British manufacturers of quality custom built RIBs for leisure, commercial and military markets. Torquay Watersports has our rib charter, water bikes and now the Raptor – England’s fastest 12m passenger rib ride on the water. They are based in the South West of England in Torquay. RibQuest has delivered RIBs to commercial markets, professional services, tenders for superyachts, dive clubs, safety patrols and all types of leisure markets. Oh……and not to mention the odd extreme TV survivalist. The flagship design is the ‘Velocity’ class with variants up to 12 metres in length, all capable of over 70 knots.

Bob started by selling all around the country from the back of a van to shops and has expanded greatly over the years. This soon took-off and Bob bought himself a building to start distributing from in Atherton, Lancs. From here, the business has grown from strength to strength. At Bob Elliot & Co we specialise in providing a good quality service for authorized retailers. We provide the cycle trade industry with well over 2913 variations of 2785 excellent quality items from over 52 suppliers. All our products are broken down into 91 main categories with a total of 421 subcategories, we sell to many authorised retailers throughout the UK.

Our waterproof cases are ideal for outdoor sports, watersports, leisure and travel.
They’re designed to meet the standards of professionals around the world.
We’ve been making cases for over 30 years and we’ve sold over 5-million.
Our warranty is cast-iron and our reputation is rock-solid.
Join the Aquapac family and waterproof your gear today.


All our power banks are charged with 100% renewable energy.


Return & reuse units across events and venues then we upcycle to areas with no electricity.

Pyramid Travel Products is a family run business headquartered in Kelso in the beautiful Scottish Borders. Part of the Scotmas Group, a world leader in hygiene protection and water treatment, we develop and manufacture products that protect against the many insects and water-borne diseases that can be encountered by travellers around the world. 

Automated Tracking. Two tap integration with Strava means you can add your activities to your challenges in a hassle free and automated way.

Our aim is to make something that can make epic fitness challenges accessible to all and that provides fun fitness motivation. We listen to feedback from all of our users. Just some of the features that users have requested that we’ve already implemented include:
group chats, Strava integration, completion reports, KM / Miles option
and having multiple active challenges.

One of our biggest motivations was to see these magnificent landscapes that nature offered during training and competitions. But year after year, we started to see more and more garbage in nature with the democratization of sport. Seeing waste in nature is one thing, but coming from other athletes it has destroyed it. We came to the conclusion that biodegradable packaging was not a solution. Because although they deteriorate over time, it takes several months and still taints the landscape. So we made our bars with compostable packaging instead.

Komoot‘s route planning app technology is essential for millions of people from intrepid explorers to those who just bought their first road bike to better find, plan and live authentic outdoor experiences. Komoot will design an adventure that’s tailor-made for your chosen sport-type.

Hüma is a 100% all-natural, great tasting energy gel and protein smoothie – promoting a healthy lifestyle while providing nutrients to help athletes better endure whatever comes their way.

Phynova is providing the blokes with joint and muscle relief, which is essential after long hours of training and the cycle itself. The product is derived from the plant Sigesbeckia, and has a rich history of use in oriental medicine for management of all types of musculoskeletal pains and promoting healthy joints.

Mount Mayon are the original pioneers in the development of the pili nut, their production facility is the highest certified HACCP and GMP facility of its kind in the world solely for the purpose of producing the highest quality, freshest and delicious pili. The pili nuts grow in areas of natural rainfall which makes production morally sustainable and are hand-picked and hand-cracked. The pili nut has more fibre, vitamin E and magnesium than any nut on the planet. With the same amount of protein as an almond and the fat content being similar to an avocado, it is the perfect fuel for endurance athletes.

Leaping Fish have developed Cyclists Chamois Balm to provide cyclists with an effective natural solution to friction and saddle sores developed through long distance rides. Discomfort from these sores can seriously impair cycling performance; with this balm the blokes shouldn’t have issues and will have an enjoyable ride!

Olly’s Olives are perfect on-the-go snacks. They come in small unpasteurized pouches from Greece which don’t have messy oils. These olives provide an essential source of energy and all-important fatty acids, fats and oils, a crucial part of a cycling diet. Unsaturated healthy fats including omega-3 have been shown to speed-up recovery in athletes by reducing inflammation and improving protein synthesis.

GripGrab create cycling accessories for all weather conditions. Their quality products will make the difference between being too hot or cold, wet or dry, aerodynamic or flappy and being seen or not. Just what the blokes need!



MaxxRaxx have been producing the best in class means of bike transportation in the UK. We are delighted to partner and use their premium cycle carrier for our journey and training sessions, with ease, strength and versatility we are safe in the knowledge our bikes are secure!

OTE focus on demystifying sports nutrition and offer straight-forward, scientifically backed nutrition and advice for endurance athletes. They have supported us with bars to use in our training to improve the blokes performance and general fitness.

Daniel Wai Li Williams Photography specialises in adventure photography in all seasons and conditions with adventurers and epic landscapes. Check out Daniel’s website.

With a history dating from 1571, Harrogate Spring is Britain’s oldest bottled water and has been revered by Royalty and enjoyed across the world for centuries. First bottled in 1740, it is ‘The Original British Bottled Water’ from ‘The Original British Spa Town’ of Harrogate in North Yorkshire. Internationally-renowned as one of the finest still and sparkling spring waters, recognised not only for its exceptional mineral balance and purity but also for its distinctive, classically British style.

Care for the environment and social responsibility form a key part of their DNA. Operating one of the most technologically-advanced and environmentally-efficient facilities in the world, Harrogate Spring has been sending zero waste to landfill since 2010. Their distinctive diamond bottles are an example of smart packaging technology. They have been designed to compact when twisting for easy recycling. This takes up less room on-the-go and in the recycling bin.

All bottle components are 100% recyclable, made with 51% recycled content and sourced from within 90 miles of site. In 2020, they achieved B Corp accreditation, joining a group of businesses acting in a sustainable and transparent way, achieving the highest environmental and social standards.

Swim Secure® products are used by competent swimmers to increase visibility in the open water. They are suitable for use by open water swimmers, triathletes, recreational swimmers, families and everyone in between. #BeSaferBeSeen.

The Cheeky Panda make household, baby and beauty products out of glorious bamboo – that are not only good for you but our planet, too! We’re on a green mission for sustainability, we want to inspire people to ditch the mundane and get involved in eco-friendly products for a happier future. Join us on our journey!

Small Beer specialises in brewing classic beer styles below 2.8% ABV.

Their mission is to provide an answer to the everyday extremes of ‘drinking’ and ‘not drinking’, where you can enjoy the world-class taste that’s full of flavour but doesn’t get in the way of your tomorrow.

Small Beer is all about seeing the bigger picture through constant innovation and use only the finest ingredients, focusing on flavour maximisation over alcohol creation.

Everything they do is with our world in mind, which has seen them become London’s first brewery to be awarded B Corp certification – a global organisation that recognises businesses who reach the highest standards of social and environmental impact.

Solve is a high-end web design and SEO company. They create and design websites that are proven to help businesses grow organically. Based on the coast of North Cornwall, Solve helps businesses all over the UK and Europe. As a certified B Corporation, they meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact. Solve plants over 100 trees per month, it represents growth of their client websites while helping the planet and people.

Sierra Designs believe in creating equipment that empowers people to get outdoors with products that are accessible, thoughtful and beautiful.

We believe that social responsibility is found in the way in which our gear is manufactured and by actively supporting causes that are committed to improving the planet and empower people to Think Outside.

Our social responsibility policy, the Exxel Outdoors Code of Conduct, has guided us since 1995 to ensure the most ethical practices, improvement of working conditions, and protection of the rights of people in factories around the world where our equipment and apparel is made. Being socially responsible is a huge priority—whether we’re partnering with vendors or providing peace of mind to stakeholders (our employees, customers and the general public).


We are Absolute-Snow, the leading Snowboard, Ski, Climb, Outdoor and Watersports retailer worldwide. Owned and run by people who are active in the sports you love, we are here to be your guide to the very best mountain sports equipment on the market today. This is all about the experience, getting outside, loving what you do and putting a smile on your face. We will get the right equipment to help you reach that summit, put in the deepest turn of your life or conquer your fears by learning something new. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Absolute-Snow care about your adventure and pride ourselves on delivering both market leading products and excellent value for money to our loyal customers.

Ethics come before profits at Friendly Soap, from start to finish, no stone is left unturned in the quest to produce zero-impact soap.

The Plastic Free Shop is a go to online resource selling carefully selected plastic free alternatives to everyday products.

We started our business to be a ‘force for good’ in the coffee sector and help solve a number of social, economic and environmental problems that threatens the availability of coffee in the future.

For many farmers who sell their coffee into the commodities market, the price paid for their crop barely covers the cost of production.  This has a terrible impact on the coffee growing communities resulting in poverty and a very low quality of life.  

These economic challenges are further exacerbated by the unfavourable climate changes, which result in volatile weather patterns causing soil erosion, devastating fungal plant diseases and higher temperatures, which pushes growing up to higher altitudes and smaller farming areas.

So just when the farmers need more help, the market continues to pay rock bottom prices for crops.  This just isn’t fair or sustainable.

Our policy is only to buy only Specialty grade coffee, for which farmers are paid a fair price and we are assured of great-quality, delicious coffee.  We are working towards all of our coffee being purchased in financially transparent arrangements.

This clear vision combined with our commitment to nurturing our brilliant team and positive relationships with suppliers and clients and a low environmental impact is why we met the criteria for B Corp certification.

Nikwax, global leader in high performance, environmentally-friendly waterproofing solutions, has become the first outdoor brand ever to receive a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Sustainable Development. The award is the most prestigious British environmental award and is testament to Nikwax’s clean waterproofing technology and its commitment to promote sustainable practice.

We’re breathing new life into holiday homes and parks

Our tranquil parks are a breath of fresh air. Set in beautiful parts of the UK, they’re special places where you can connect with nature and feel instantly at home. A drive, not a dreaded flight away, they give you the freedom to quickly escape to the great outdoors, relax, recharge and explore. They’re a real family home from home.

We’re helping families reconnect

Now more than ever, we all need to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern life, connect with each other and get closer to nature. Power down the iPad and go for a paddle on a golden sandy beach. Ditch quick sandwiches on the go for long leisurely family picnics with stunning views. Quality family time is incredibly precious.

A natural lifestyle changer

Own one of our holiday homes or luxury lodges and life will never be the same. It gives you the option to head for the country or seaside whenever and as often as you wish. You get to set the pace of life. Lose yourself in a book one day, ride off the beaten track or hit a sandy beach the next.

There’s no place like home

We all know that holidays are exciting, yet we still miss our home comforts. That’s perfectly natural, but what’s wonderful about owning one of our holiday homes or luxury lodges is that when you arrive, all your personal touches are there just waiting for you, like your favourite mug and rug. You just feel instantly at home.

The grass really is greener

Together, our homes create warm and friendly communities all of their own. They’re perfectly located in safe, carefully maintained parks in some of the most beautiful parts of the UK. Set in untamed natural scenery, each is a true home from home. The ideal base for living a healthy outdoor lifestyle that you’re also free to share with visiting family and friends. Peace and tranquillity whenever you need.