Green spaces, mental health and exercise. Welcome to Mind the Green Space, the podcast where we discuss the important topics of mental health and getting out to exercise! Our show will focus on how we can utilise green spaces to benefit our mental health and explore the struggles and stories of our guests. This podcast is in collaboration with Pedal 4 Parks.

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  • 23. Pedal 4 Parks is Climate Neutral! 24/06/2021
    Thanks to Climate Partner Pedal 4 Parks have been able to offset the entire project's carbon! To get more information about what carbon offsetting is and why it's so important we speak to Charlotte Griaud from Climate Partner. To find out more about Climate Partner and its carbon offsetting projects head to its website: […]
  • 22. Small Beer and its Small Impact on the Environment 17/06/2021
    This week we talk to Felix James the Co-Founder of Small Beer, a brewery that produces low alcohol beer whilst also making a small impact on our environment. Small Beer is Londons first B-Corp certified brewery and in this episode, Felix tells us all about how Small Beer is able to make amazing beer sustainably […]
  • 21. Solve on How They are Making the Internet Sustainable One Website at a Time 10/06/2021
    This week we are joined by Solve's Founder Lawrence Harmer about the work his business is doing to ensure websites can be run on 100% renewable energy. Lawrence has built a company based on sustainability helping businesses achieve a great website that doesn't harm the planet!  You can find out more about the amazing work […]
  • 20. Lukas Haitzmann; World Record Holder at Just 20 Years Old! 03/06/2021
    This week we are joined by Pedal 4 Parks team member Lukas Haitzmann. At just 20 years old Lukas has had a life full of adventure, holding the world record for the youngest person to row the Atlantic ocean solo and now taking on the challenge of cycling the length on the UK. To find […]
  • 19. Why We Need to Reconnect with Nature with Lauren Wood 02/06/2021
    This week we are joined by nature well-being coach Lauren Wood who talks about why we need to fully immerse ourselves with nature. With the ever-growing fast-paced nature of our daily lives, we seem to have disconnected from nature and the outdoors, Lauren Wood helps us today in understanding why we need to reconnect and […]
  • 18. Alex Pierrot on How the Outdoors Helped Him Deal with Mental Health Struggles 20/05/2021
    This week we are joined by Pedal 4 Parks Team member Alex Pierrot (AKA French Alex) who talks about his journey with mental health and how the outdoors has helped him.  TW: We briefly touch on mental health struggles during the episodes, if you find talking about mental health struggles upsetting, please listen to this […]
  • 17. Over Coming Mountains and Mental Health Struggles with Alex Staniforth 13/05/2021
    This week we are joined by adventurer, motivational speaker, and author Alex Staniforth. At the young age of 25, Alex has had some amazing adventures, wrote 2 books, and co-founded Mind Over Mountains! Having attempted to summit Everest twice whilst battling his own mental health, Alex talks to us about all the lessons he's learned […]
  • 16. Kitting Out Your Adventure with Red Original 06/05/2021
    We spoke to Ross Montandon from Red Original about their adventure sportswear and equipment. Ross talked about his love of adventure and the outdoors and how that is reflected in Red Originals.  Red Original make premium equipment to support any adventure, from paddleboarding to cycling, you can find out more from their website: This […]
  • 15: Isaac Kenyon on Why We Need to Talk About Saving Green Spaces. 29/04/2021
    Isaac Kenyon, the founder of Pedal 4 Parks talks to us this week about the importance of protecting green spaces and how they have benefitted him personally. Isaac is an eco-adventurer, who has taken on some crazy challenges that we get into in this episode. To find out more about Isaac Kenyon, check out his […]
  • 14. Tim Millikin: 3 Year Cycle Around the World! 22/04/2021
    This week we are joined with Tim Millikin who set off in 2015 to cycle around the world for three years on a £90 bike! Tim talks about the highs and lows of his adventure as well as what he's learned from it. To find out more about Tim check out his website: and […]