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Who do we talk to?

With experienced speakers in our team, we are able to cater to a large variety of audiences: 

  • Corporate/client events/in-house talks
  • Schools/Scouts/Cadets/universities/colleges
  • Events/after-dinner talks

What we talk about...

Motivational Talks

We discuss our journey, encapsulating what we learned about the following:

  • Team building & dynamics
  • Communication, trust & creating connections
  • Surmounting challenges & adversity
  • Inspiration & motivational resilience
  • Mental health and how to keep it healthy in periods of high pressure
  • Striving for a just cause, turning a dream into reality
  • Overcoming fear of failure

Mental health talks

Connection with the outdoors and having a purpose. 

We share personal stories of how our team members manage and live with mental health issues. 

Isaac’s knowledge as a trustee for MIND is complemented by the lived experiences within our team of clinical depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation, that have been overcome in part through having a strong purpose and connecting with nature.

Eco-Storytelling & climate solutions

We showcase some of the amazing projects and people we encountered during our cycle. 

Discussion on how to make small changes to make your business more sustainable, climate-resilient, and adaptable. 

Convincing stakeholders to replicate and scale sustainable businesses. 

Examples include:

  • Seaweed farming – cattle feed that contains 1% seaweed reduces methane output by 58%
  • Agroforestry – multi-purpose land use, where trees or shrubs grown around/among crops or pastureland
  • Sustainable city planning – encouraging active travel, leading to reductions in emissions & environmental impact
  • Regenerative community environmental projects – Carbon offsetting, biodiversity growth
  • Repurposing land/infrastructure in an ecological way

What is the format?

Our 1-2 hour session involves a presentation, short video, and Q&A/group conversation

Extras available upon request:

  • Breakaway groups focused on specific topics
  • Team-building day facilitated by a micro-adventure
  • Outdoor activities with discussions
  • Downloadable takeaway kit/guide

Our Team

The Pedal 4 Parks team has a diverse background, ranging from world record holders to first time adventurers.

Here are some of the challenges our team members have previously completed:

  • 3000 Mile ocean crossing x 2 (youngest person to row solo across an ocean)
  • 3 world records
  • Featuring in a series of television documentaries for the BBC and Dave, most notably Expedition with Steve Backshall
  • English Channel swim
  • World-first eco-adventure cycle

What DO we do day to day?

Pedal 4 Parks is a passion project for us; we are a team consisting of an IT engineer, university students, energy transition analysts, business owners, and expedition leaders.

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