Ways to support us

We cannot do this without your support, so we have made a number of different ways to get support for our campaign. Support can come from company partnerships, individual donations, or endorsing our campaign. Click through the buttons for each below to find out more details.

Company Partnerships

The expedition crew holding the sponsor banner at the John o' Groats sign

Companies can partner with us by either providing products used for our adventure or capital finance towards the cost of our film in exchange for various exposure offerings. Click below to find out more.

Individual Donations

Donate £10 on our crowdfunding page and get your name in the credits of our film, or donate £100+ and get an exclusive invite to our film premiere!

Join the organisations That are endorsing us

We understand it may be difficult to support us with budget or products. If you still wish to support us as we align with your messaging, then it is possible to do so by spreading the word as an endorser of our campaign.

What this means is you will be supporting us without spending any budget in spreading our message i.e. through social media using the content packs below, or re-sharing our content in exchange for exposure of your brand in our film credits and on our website.
If this is something you are interested, then please get in touch with us here.

Help Spread our message

Share us on your social media accounts to get our message out far and wide. Every share makes a difference.

You can share our message on social media with our ready-made content posts and Pedal4Parks branding. We have made 4 posts about our campaign which can be accessed through the link below.